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What is The Rep Life?

Are you someone who is looking for more in your life?

More possibilities
More income
More time
More freedom
More friends
More friendships with positive, encouraging people?

Sarah Bonham

The Rep Life

The Rep Life is a community of women & men with huge goals and dreams.

We are a community of people that are choosing to work hard for our own dreams vs working hard for someone else’s dream.

Hi! I’m Sarah, a mom of 3, navy wife & huge dreamer. The Rep Life has opened up so many new opportunities for my family and I.

We now have more choices and possibilities in our lives. With our extra income coming in we are now able to invest in other opportunities, creating even more for our family. We are on a journey to create 7 streams of passive income and it’s all been possible because of The Rep Life. <3

I am passionate about sharing my journey with others & inspiring people to take control of their lives & create the life of their dreams.

I love connecting with my fellow dreamers!  Follow me on IG @SarahLBonham and send me a DM to tell me about your BIG DREAM!

The Rep Life

How It  Works

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Our Intentional Journey To

Seven Streams of Passive Income

Did you know the average millionaire has 7 streams of passive income, according to Forbes?

My husband and I are on a journey to create multiple streams on PASSIVE income, not only for the financial benefits but also to create more time with one another and our children. As a military family we have realized just how precious time together really is. We don’t want to live our whole lives for someone else only to receive a huge pay cut at the end.

We want to inspire you to start working towards your own journey to 7 streams of passive income!

Are you ready to create the life you have always wanted?

Click here to read more about our journey to 7 Streams of Passive Income & discover how you can start your own journey!

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Women Inspired Networking

W.I.N stands for Women Inspired Networking.

W.I.N is a community of inspired women who own or run online businesses. We get together every week to pass referrals, collaborate, and gain access to new networks of potential clients/customers.

Our goal is to help build each other's businesses together!

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How We Give Back

Have you ever wanted to do more for others, be a part of something that can create real impact for others?

The Rep Life has allowed me to use my business to GIVE BACK more than I ever thought I could!

I currently use my business to give to O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad). With every purchase made in my activewear shop, I give 10% to O.U.R.

Shop now to help us give even more!

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